Why I Believe George Zimmerman is a Sociopath

  • George Zimmerman is more than a racist.



    George Zimmerman is a sociopath.



    Only America doesn’t see it.



    Most Americans Black or White are too busy being polarized by race and politics to take an objective look at Zimmerman and see the dangerous predator he is.



    Sociopaths are often extremely difficult to identify. The insidious ways that they manipulate and abuse individuals and communities are often undetectable to the average person. Usually it takes a psychiatric professional to reveal them and their danger to society.



    There is a clear sociopathic pattern to George Zimmerman’s behavior. An examination of the facts will detail how depraved he is.



    George Zimmerman sought to control the Florida gated community he lived in. Using a veneer of safety and community he imposed himself as Neighborhood Watch Captain. On the surface it seemed like he was doing a noble thing protecting the community. But sociopaths often do things that appear good on the outside but are have more sinister ulterior motives behind them.



    Zimmerman took advantage of people’s good nature by presenting himself as someone concerned with the neighborhoods safety. But it was a power grab so he could control the residents of that gated community. By imposing himself as the Neighborhood Watch Captain, Zimmerman showed little empathy or regard for others. A person concerned about protecting the community usually involves the community and considers the feelings of others. They usually let things come to a vote and allow others to help.


    However, by asserting his authority over that Florida gated community Zimmerman clearly showed his soiciopathic need for power and control. Like most sociopaths he took power without regard for the other residents’ consideration.



    In his position of pseudo authority, Zimmerman saw himself as the law. Moreover, he saw himself above the law. A one-man judge, jury and executioner. A person concerned with community would have no need to carry a firearm doing these duties.But Zimmerman believing himself to be above the law needed a weapon to enforce his authority.



    On the surface, George Zimmerman pretended to support law enforcement in his neighborhood watch. But in reality he felt contempt for law enforcement and the threat of their interference in ruling his fiefdom. This contempt was expressed passive-aggressive way Zimmerman made over 50 911 calls while on his neighborhood watch. On the surface it looked like he was deeply concerned for his community. But in actuality he was attempting to weaken the resolve of law enforcement so they wouldn’t take calls to that part of the community seriously. This way he could have more control over the residents.



    Like most sociopaths, George Zimmerman has no regard for law enforcement. In the past he has assaulted police officers, a clear sign of his indifference and disregard of authority or anyone that doesn’t fit within his locus of control.


    And in the case of Trayvon Martin, he disregarded a 911 operator who told him not to engage him. A normal person of sound mind concerned with the safety of others in the community would have supported law enforcement and not engaged an alleged suspicious person.


    Like most sociopaths, Zimmerman is impulsive. His decision to disregard the 911 operator and engage Maritn was something done with very little thought for consequences of Trayvon or others. Remember, this man was carrying a loaded firearm, and he could have harmed others, not just Trayvon if the situation had escalated.



    What most don’t understand is that Sociopaths are very controlling. On the night of the murder, Zimmerman never saw Trayvon before. So he perceived him as an intruder to the fifedom he was ruling and controlling. When he disregarded the 911 operators request for him to stand down he justified in his mind that the laws of the State of Florida did not fit his brand of justice. With this justification for his wrongdoing he set out to pass judgment on Trayvon Martin.



    By disregarding the 911 operator, Zimmerman set out to make a statement with the murder of Trayvon Martin to his community. One that he was the law of that gated community. And that anyone who opposed his law would meet the same fate as the “fucking coon” Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s actions clearly showed his sociopathic pattern of behavior. That he perceived himself person above the policies police department. A person above the laws of State of Florida. A tyrant.



    However, upon being confronted by the police, He then sought to justify the murder with the “Stand Your Ground” Law making efforts to twist the law to fit into his warped interpretation of the facts. Sociopaths often try to manipulate the facts to justify their acts of wrongdoing. Moreover, they are charming enough to convince others that their wrong position is actually right.



    Unfortunately, many are too blinded by race and politics to see how this sociopath is using these issues to manipulate them by polarizing them. It’s a deflection so he can evade punishment for the murder of Trayvon Martin. What most Americans don’t understand is sociopaths love to play on people’s emotions. They love to get reactions out of people. It’s how they manipulate and control others. It allows them to appear sane when they’re the ones who are actually making people crazy. It’s how they sneak away and find new victims to abuse someplace else.


    Which is what will happen if George Zimmerman is allowed to walk away without punishment. He’ll find a new group of victims to take advantage of and control. A new place where he’ll eventually kill again. If this sociopath isn’t imprisoned NOW, some other unfortunate citizen who doesn’t fit into George Zimmerman’s twisted world may become his next victim.



    Many of the residents of that Florida community and throughout America are caught up in the emotional smokescreen of race and politics. They don’t understand the insidious nature of a sociopath. They have no idea how these predators use our goodwill to take advantage of us. How they lie. How they justify their malicious actions. How they deflect, shame, and play the victim. How they’ll do anything to win at any cost. How they have no empathy or regard for others. How they have no regard for human life.



    When America thinks of sociopaths they think of serial killers and mass murderers like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. They don’t understand that these predators can be right under our noses. How they can be ordinary people like George Zimmerman who pretend to have our best interests at heart. How they twist our goodwill for their benefit and use that relationship harm to us.



    America needs to look past the smokescreen of race and politics and dig deeper into the Trayvon Martin Case. George Zimmerman is a sociopath and he’s manipulating the puppet strings of the country to get away with murder.


  • Micheal Law
    Micheal Law I'm praying there will be justice for Trayvon Martin.
    April 1, 2012 - 1 likes this
  • Oneika Mays
    Oneika Mays I agree with all of this and also think that he has deep rooted issues of self-hatred. No one talks about his Latino background and I can't help but think a deep sense of self-loathing also contributes to his obvious control and power issues.
    April 5, 2012