A New Social Network Seeks To Help 40 million Americans

  • Posted by @JoinBBC Staff
  • March 6, 2012 7:29 AM EST

PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 05, 2012 -
AnxietySocialNet (ASN)
is a unique example of growing niche social networks. However, it goes beyond the trends by also acting as a strong support system. It takes out the impersonality of the more general social networks and focuses on making a safe and comfortable environment to nurture a community of those experiencing anxiety and seeking help.

ASN has the potential to impact a large percentage of the population, a part of the population that usually does not get the help they need. The common anxiety sufferer is under a great deal of stress by not wanting to share his/her feelings and experiences on such a widespread and public social network site, like Facebook. The fear of being judged by friends and family stops such people from sharing their inner concerns and asking for help. ASN provides such people with a safe environment for socializing online, learning from others, and ultimately seeking help.

Some people say Facebook is the entire social media solution anyone would ever need; this is far from the truth. While there is no “replacing” Facebook, there is a growing trend towards the interest based networks. In all their popularity, the “general” social networks are not always able to deeply fulfill their interest based needs of the users. In particular, when it comes to health and sensitive personal topics, such general social networks miss the mark entirely. They are too public and at times, impersonal.

Privacy, comfort, and an instant sense of understanding set ASN apart from other social networks and online anxiety resources:

“I am on Facebook and twitter as well, but I feel so much safer here, because I know people understand, and I don't have to go into depth about what I am going through, everyone already knows this reduces the stress level.” ~Mary Jones ASN user

ASN looks to be a promising new social network for those sincerely looking for a comfortable, private, and helpful environment.  ASN could represent the next step in helping to manage and treat anxiety disorders.

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Source: PRLog